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Brand your company – create an instantly memorable visual representation of your business and what you are all about.

Clear Designs will work with you to create a powerful logo that expresses your brand, through a six-step process:

1. We conduct a questionnaire or interview with you to get a clear picture of your company and what you represent.

2. We research your industry and analyse what has worked well for companies in your field.

3. We develop the logo design.

4. We present you with a choice of 3 unique logos.

5. We sit down to discuss the logo options and possible alterations. At this point, you’re likely to have a clear preference. We develop the logo until we’ve achieved a version that you’re more than happy with.

6. We create a plan for rolling out the logo design across multi-media, and create a brand document with guidelines on how the branding should appear at all times.

Your logo is the heart of your company’s corporate identity. If you’re a start-up business, it’s crucial that you get it right. It’s going to last a long time!

“Keith and Clear Designs offer expertise, advice, design ideas and super quick turnaround – all with a smile!”
– Zoe Healy, Zenith PR 

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