We’re experts in all things related to graphic, web & print design so we’ve put together a list of the most popular queries raised by our customers;

What is graphic design?

At Clear Designs we focus on combining art and imagery to enable effective communication with your target market.  Our highly skilled designers are trained in the latest software and can produce a design from concept or work with a variety of images to create an ideal to represent your business.  Graphic designers work across all business sectors, from websites to the offline media and are responsible for everything from logo design to outdoor advertising campaigns.

How do Clear Designs work?

Retaining or training in-house employees isn’t a requirement for all businesses so at Clear Designs you can contract us on an ad-hoc or longer term basis so that as your business grows we can work with you to ensure that your identity grows stronger too.

What makes for a good logo?

Strong colours that suit your business/industry and a unique style that takes into account your current products or services, while allowing for growth should you opt to add to your existing offerings or diversify.  Aim for a unique style that distinguishes you from your competitors and can’t be confused with another brand, local or international.

Are there specific dimensions for logos?

Your logo will appear on websites, business cards, letterhead, social media and more – it will need to be easily adapted to suit.  You may also opt for a couple of variations of the logo so that it works against a light or dark background, suits a square or rectangular profile window or to have a version with/without tagline or web/phone number.  Our designers can advise on options to suit.

Can I arrange the same ads for online and offline?

While an ad may appear similar in style both on and offline, apart from dimensions the colours and software used may differ and our designers will work to ensure that the brand’s identity is not compromised having delivered campaigns to suit many customers across a multitude of media.

How do I arrange a brochure?

Talk to our team about creating a brochure that showcases your business in the best possible light.  From layout and content through to choosing images to suit, our team have worked with businesses across many industries and know how best to take your ideas and convert them into a brochure that does you proud.  Our brochures can be produced on a variety of paper types in a range of sizes so we’ll ensure you’ve got the right option for your customers.

What if I’m not sure of what I want?

The design team at Clear Designs have worked with clients in a wide range of industries and are adept at establishing your needs during a consultation.  We will guide you and take on board the ideas of the key decision makes and come up with a number of initial concepts which will be adjusted to get the right fit for your brand.

Why is a professional website design important?

Your website, and ultimately your business, will be taken more seriously if your website looks professional. Like your business card, your website is often the first thing your potential clients see.

If your website looks cheap or home-made, what impression does it give your potential clients?

It is important to give potential clients, as well as your regular clients who’ve never seen your website, the right impression when they visit your website for the first time. If not, they may never revisit and, worse still, they won’t buy from you.


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