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Nowadays, traditional advertising is digital advertising through blogs, web articles, and social media. As for print advertising? Has it become obsolete? No. Print advertising is now a classic, the “non-traditional” advertising, one that will make your business more unique than the rest who have gone digital.

Digital advertising has been proven to be a more convenient option and at times, even the cheaper option. But is it always the most effective strategy with everyone going digital? But how about for a company that solely exists online? This is where print advertising can be priceless. This makes an online company visible and tangible in the outside world – from the company employee’s calling cards, letterheads, envelopes, posters, and even billboards. This places your company firmly in the spotlight, and it makes your clients remember it more than compared to seeing a pop-up ad or a banner on the internet. Here are some of the other reasons why print advertising is very much alive today and very effective as a business strategy.

Print makes the business more “legit”

Having a company website and a company email is great and gives the impression that you truly mean business. That digital presence can be complemented with print advertising materials that are easier to keep and remember, mostly on the fridge or the corkboard. Some print ad materials are leaflets with coupons, banners with dates for 50% off sales, and of course, business cards to give away so people will know your phone number, email address, and of course, website.

2Print means zooming into what’s truly important

Print means a finite space and therefore, a limited number of images and words to display which means keeping only what’s important while discarding the rest. Unlike some digital advertising methods, customers won’t be flooded by ads that will most often annoy them and make them ignore it altogether which can be an awful waste of money for the part of the company. With the right ad and the right audience, good business is sure to come.

Print reaches out to a variety of people

While some people may turn on their computer first thing in the morning while having their cup of hot coffee, there are also people who prefer reading their morning papers. People who want to take a break from the digital world will most often resort to reading a newspaper, magazines, or a book. There is always that time to take a break from being online and just doing something else entirely that is not being in front of a computer. This can be true for young and old alike. There are also people who veer away from the digital world entirely and still prefer sending and receiving mails by post; these are the people who will still be looking forward to printing ads to know what the latest things are in fashion, sports, and maybe even construction equipment.

Print makes your business more personal

If you are a business owner, and you decide to go for print advertising, you may constantly be challenged to come up with ways that will make people want to take your leaflet and know more about your product and company. That’s not a bad thing because this means you will always be looking for ways to be more interesting to your customers and to come up with the best services and products. This means you will want to be on the lookout on what your clients need and want, giving your business a personal touch and constant communication with your clientele.

5A good combination of great products and services, catchy advertising, a company that gives value to its customers, and one that listens to comments and suggestions will make the business a successful and meaningful one.

6Author's Bio

Earl Jonathan Tech is the author. He is the founder of PrintMeister, a new online company that offers printing services in Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia. His work is primarily focused on printing, but he spends some time to write.

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