Guide to A Great Looking Leaflet


Every day it seems we are being bombarded by leaflets and brochures, from those popped into our letterbox, wrapped inside our local paper, or just handed to us in the street. If you are thinking of having a leaflet printed out, how do you try and make yours stand out above all the rest.


Whatever reason you are using a leaflet for – to sell an item or service, or to promote an upcoming event you need to catch people’s attention. Many people live and lead busy lives and don’t have time to read everything they receive or are handed. From the moment they take that first glance of your leaflet it has to make them want to read more.

Sometimes many people consider designing an eye catching leaflet to be a very daunting experience, but, it doesn’t have to be. We can offer a lot of help and advice along the way never feel awkward about asking for our help or suggestions.

Who is it for?

The first thing you need to do is sit down with pen and paper and consider a few points. Who is your target audience? Is it a school, the general public, a work place? Is it your own business that you want to promote?

Then you need to consider who your target is? Perhaps you are promoting to people in the construction industry, go for strong solid colours, keeping it neat and clean, sharp and to the point. If you’re aiming towards a business such as a florist, go for colours and a flowing font, keep it dainty. Perhaps your aim is towards promoting a night club singer, considers using a more contemporary font and colour scheme, if your singer has a set style – soul, jazz, rock and roll, consider a font that fits their style of music or era.

Think about any artwork you need to go on the leaflet, do you have photos or logos that will need to be added? In this modern social media world, if you have a Facebook, G+, or LinkedIn account, you may want to add that to your leaflet, to give people a chance to find out more about the event, show, or business. Another very popular idea is to have a QR code printed on your leaflet – those with a Smartphone will be able to find out more with just a click of their phone.


Make sure you have all your contact details listed – from venue address to business address, if there is a phone number, website details, email contact, time of the event, business operating hours etc. Sometimes it can be very easy to overlook something as *simple* as a phone number.

You can also consider using the reverse side of the leaflet, you could have a map printed on the other side, maybe there is a competition or give away that you can advertise, maybe even a discount voucher?


Visit our leaflets & flyers page to see the range of sizes and options? If you are including artwork, consider what paper your artwork will look better on. If you are in any doubt drop us a email and we can offer help and suggestions.



You will also need to consider the costs involved, printing services become cheaper and better value in bulk.

And Finally

Remember to check and re-check! Proof read all your artwork and the design of the leaflet carefully! Take time and re-read a few times if you need too. Even if you are using our design service for the artwork for your leaflet, be sure to double check. You can always ask a friend or colleague to check too. If something is wrong, or has been forgotten or left off your leaflet it can be a very costly mistake.

What our clients say

    5 star review  Exceptional customer service, responded to our needs in a timely fashion, top quality design and decent price, too. Keith and his team were very thorough and sympathetic all through the design process. Would recommend without hesitation.

    thumb Ollie Power

    5 star review  Keith designed a flyer for my company. He was quick, understood what we were looking for and executed it all very well. Good price too. Would use / will use again.

    thumb barry doyle

    5 star review  Based on a recent order, I found Clear Designs to be a very professional and efficient company to do business with. Their attention to detail, communication and follow up was top class and I would highly recommend both Keith and Clear Designs.

    thumb Tomas Broderick

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