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12 key questions to make your new website a success

1. What market “specifically” is this website targeted to?

•    Business to Business
•    Business to Consumer
•    A Subscription Web Site for Members

2. Who “specifically” is this website for? Be very specific; your websites effectiveness depends on your answers.
•    Male or Female?
•    Young or Old?
•    Income Level?
•    Education Level?
•    Create a “Buyer Persona” this is KEY.

3. What is the purpose of your web site?
•    Informational
•    eCommerce Online Store
•    Selling a Service
•    Marketing your Business
•    Data Collection
•    Lead Generation
•    Just for Fun
•    Topical
•    Educational

4. How will people find your site?
•    Print Marketing?
•    Social Media?
•    Networking?
•    Search Engines?
•    SEO or SEM?
•    Keywords?
•    E-mail Marketing?
•    Blogging?
•    Other Ideas?

5. What are you going to do to make visitors linger at your site?
•    Relevant Compelling Content
•    Answer Questions
•    Educate
•    Free Offers
•    Videos
•    Blogs
•    Organized Site Layout
•    Update Content Frequently

6. What do you want visitors to do once they are at your site? What action do you want to inspire?
•    Learn
•    Order
•    Try
•    Watch
•    Submit Info
•    Search
•    Contact
•    Become a Member
•    Purchase Something
•    Tell a Friend
•    Share

7. How are you going to get people to come back to your site?
•    eNewsletter
•    Social Marketing
•    Timely Offers
•    Direct Mail
•    Blog
•    Videos
•    Change Content Often
•    Email Marketing

8. How are you going to monitor the results of your web site?
•    Web Site Analytics
•    Google Analytics
•    Keyword Analytics
•    Visitor Tracking Tools
•    Hubspot

9. What are the things needed to get a great web site up and running?
•    Written Description of Target Personas
•    Site Layout Plan
•    Content Written Specifically For Target Personas
•    Quality Images that Relate to Content and Target Personas
•    Purchase Domain Name
•    Purchase Website Hosting
•    A Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla (our favorite), WordPress, or Drupal

10. What content do I need to build the site?
•    Content Written for Target Personas
•    A Writer (If you can’t or won’t write, get a professional writer who can write for web.)
•    Images
•    Products

11. How do I attract more traffic to my site?
•    Print Marketing
•    Social Media
•    Networking
•    Search Engines
•    Likes
•    Sharing
•    SEO or SEM
•    Keywords
•    Email Marketing
•    Blogging
•    eNewsletters
•    Backlinks from Other Sites

12. How will I know that my site is successful?
•    When it Generates interest
•    Awareness
•    Leads and Revenue

Guide to A Great Looking Leaflet

Every day it seems we are being bombarded by leaflets and brochures, from those popped into our letterbox, wrapped inside our local paper, or just handed to us in the street. If you are thinking of having a leaflet printed out, how do you try and make yours stand out above all the rest.


Whatever reason you are using a leaflet for – to sell an item or service, or to promote an upcoming event you need to catch people’s attention. Many people live and lead busy lives and don’t have time to read everything they receive or are handed. From the moment they take that first glance of your leaflet it has to make them want to read more.

Sometimes many people consider designing an eye catching leaflet to be a very daunting experience, but, it doesn’t have to be. We can offer a lot of help and advice along the way never feel awkward about asking for our help or suggestions.

Who is it for?

The first thing you need to do is sit down with pen and paper and consider a few points. Who is your target audience? Is it a school, the general public, a work place? Is it your own business that you want to promote?

Then you need to consider who your target is? Perhaps you are promoting to people in the construction industry, go for strong solid colours, keeping it neat and clean, sharp and to the point. If you’re aiming towards a business such as a florist, go for colours and a flowing font, keep it dainty. Perhaps your aim is towards promoting a night club singer, considers using a more contemporary font and colour scheme, if your singer has a set style – soul, jazz, rock and roll, consider a font that fits their style of music or era.

Think about any artwork you need to go on the leaflet, do you have photos or logos that will need to be added? In this modern social media world, if you have a Facebook, G+, or LinkedIn account, you may want to add that to your leaflet, to give people a chance to find out more about the event, show, or business. Another very popular idea is to have a QR code printed on your leaflet – those with a Smartphone will be able to find out more with just a click of their phone.


Make sure you have all your contact details listed – from venue address to business address, if there is a phone number, website details, email contact, time of the event, business operating hours etc. Sometimes it can be very easy to overlook something as *simple* as a phone number.

You can also consider using the reverse side of the leaflet, you could have a map printed on the other side, maybe there is a competition or give away that you can advertise, maybe even a discount voucher?


Visit our leaflets & flyers page to see the range of sizes and options? If you are including artwork, consider what paper your artwork will look better on. If you are in any doubt drop us a email and we can offer help and suggestions.



You will also need to consider the costs involved, printing services become cheaper and better value in bulk.

And Finally

Remember to check and re-check! Proof read all your artwork and the design of the leaflet carefully! Take time and re-read a few times if you need too. Even if you are using our design service for the artwork for your leaflet, be sure to double check. You can always ask a friend or colleague to check too. If something is wrong, or has been forgotten or left off your leaflet it can be a very costly mistake.

Anatomy of A Perfect Website Template

Credit: Website Template

The importance of a great logo and first impressions

We would all be guilty of making judgments based on first impressions from time to time.

You’d probably pass up an interview with a job candidate, for example, if the CV was written on a stained napkin. In fact, chances are no matter how qualified or sincere the applicant may be, you’ll probably choose to interview applicants with professional looking CV’s instead. The jobseeker may also wonder why he or she has trouble finding a job when they interview well, have plenty of experience and all the required skills.

The same principles apply to the first impression your business gives to potential customers, suppliers and business partners. They will make quick judgments about whether or not to do business with you based partly on how professional you appear to them initially. Just as a business owner would pass on the napkin applicant, so will customers move on and do business with someone else if they don’t trust you initially, no matter how qualified you actually are.

But having a good logo is about more than just making a good first impression. It can have a lasting impact on your company.

Finally Friday!