Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page [INFOGRAPHIC]


What is the main goal of a landing page? If you said online sales, then you are correct! Although there is no exact formula for making the perfect landing page, there are some common rules of thumb to increase your chances of making a winning one. Today we will take a look at an infographic that will assist you on making the right decisions during the  planning period of a landing page.

All landing pages should have just the right amount of information the customer needs. You can scare the user with too little or too much information, it has to be just right. Providing the key point about your service/product is key. If a potential customer clicks on the call to action button, that means he/she is somewhat interested in what you have to offer. The step after that is completing the sale. Many companies provide a price chart to showcase/compare different pricing models.

Color is also an important aspect of any website. The colors cannot be too bright or dull. Finding the perfect combination of complimenting colors is vital for a successful page. Who know, maybe a CSS gallery will pick up your website and showcase it to their readers. To help you achieve this task, check out our previous article: Top 22 Helpful Color Tools for Designers. Enjoy!

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landingpage infographic1 Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page [INFOGRAPHIC]


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