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If you do email marketing, you can’t ignore smartphones and tablets. They account for a huge portion of all email interactions and revenue.

It’s estimated that mobile email will account for up 70% of email opens, depending on target audience, product and email type (eMailmonday).

However, a survey showed that 46% of people are reluctant to buy if a newsletter is too poorly designed to read easily on their device.

Email newsletters optimised for smartphones and tablets

Clear Designs will help you create emails that are optimised for smartphones and tablets, using responsive design. Our email marketing software enables you to check in with customers and reach new prospects.

We keep up to date with email marketing trends and know the strategy needed to ensure you reach and engage, which means increased click-through rates and conversions.

We cover all elements for a successful email marketing campaign:


Our service means you can do all this very cost-effectively.

Marketers need to create the most compelling content possible, and responsive design – which ensures your emails look great no matter what the device – is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.


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